Malaria and Dogs – Do You Know The Connection?

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Dogs and Malaria – Do You Know The Connection?

Malaria and Dogs
3 November, 2018

Goes without saying, dogs are forever friends for the human being. If you’re staying alone and wondering who else should be incorporated in your house as a family member. No wonder dog is the perfect answer. Huskies are always faithful and friendly no matter the master is poor or rich. People might differentiate you with others as per your financial status, but your poodle will never take his/her step back even when you have become penniless.

How are Dogs beneficial?

Sniffer dogs are always famous for sniffing out different diseases and any kind of unforeseen danger in our life. They have the inherent ability to smell out any kind of peril in human life well in advance. They make us alert of upcoming threat in our life. We all know that dogs have proved their ability to smell out cancer symptoms in the human body. They can easily figure out if any stranger who has visited our house are harmful or not.

Dogs finding Malaria

As per world health organizat6ion (WHO), dogs are even expert in finding malaria symptoms in a human being. If your pet has the strong sensitivity to smell, then they can easily sniffle out malaria in your body. As per the research, people affected by malaria parasites have distinct odors on the skin. Dogs can be trained to detect this kind of smell from the human body.

Dogs have more sense of smell than any man-made instrument. With the proper training, they can identify drugs and bomb and suspect criminal from dead bodies. Plus, they are good at finding cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes etc. Now, one more add-on in the disease list – malaria.

How did dogs find Malaria?

In the research, dogs are given clothes of the infected people to check whether they can smell out malaria from it or not. Plus, from the socks, 70 percent of the malaria cases were detected. Children were given to wear socks overnight and researchers had collected the socks. Also, they collected socks from those children who were not affected by the parasites. Both the cases, dogs could do justice with the detection.