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Is That Foul Smell in Urine Bothering you?

Smell in Urine
5 November, 2018

Sometimes, while we enter any house, we feel suffocated for the pungent smell. Do we start wondering what is the reason behind it? It is most of the times bad odor of the urine.

What is Urine?

Urine is nothing but the liquid waste of our body. It is mostly water and it contains a weak odor. But, due to many reasons, urine might contain the strong and bad smell.

Causes of bad smell in urine

Ammonia smell in urine is most of the times is harmless. But, many times this smell has a strong connection with our health problems.

Urinary tract Infection

We often feel that urinary tract infection is the problem of a woman. But do we know that men are also affected by this problem? This is one bacterial infection, which affects our urinary tract. Due to the presence of those bacteria, people face an unpleasant smell in the urine.


Chances of smell in urine during the pregnancy are more. In this case, most of the pregnant women face the problem of urinary tract infection. Due to this problem, ammonia smell in urine goes up.
Intake of vitamins during pregnancy can also cause odor in the urine. Dark colored urine, pain during urination or frequent urination are the major concerns. But, even when you get an unusual smell in your urine, you should see a doctor.


Diet plays a huge role in the smell of urine. People eating any specific food might cause smelly urine. But, it does not stay for a longer time. Once that smell causing food is removed from the diet, that pungent odor also gets vanished. Many vitamins and other medicines also cause this kind of smell.


During menopause, women are more likely to get urinary tract infection and ammonia smell in urine, due to the lower level of estrogen. Plus, due to the loss of vaginal flora, the healthy bacteria living in the vagina, change in the smell of urine takes place.

Kidney disease

Due to the kidney disease, the chemical formed in urine becomes thickened and they cause the smell, which resembles ammonia odor. Dysfunction in the kidney is caused by bacteria and protein level in it and this kind of problem causes a stink in urine.

Kidney or bladder stone

If anyone is suffering from a kidney or bladder stone problem, then that person is more likely to face a problem like stinky urine. Due to those diseases, if any stone goes through the urinary tract, it enhances the chance of urinary tract infection, which in a way, increases the chance of getting ammonia smell in the urine.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Urine Smell

If you treat this problem in a natural way, it might give you an easier solution. Depending on the factors affecting this smell, you need to decide what all you must do on a day-to-day basis so that you can easily get rid of this issue.

Drink more water – Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water is sufficient for our body to avoid dehydration. If you ever notice ammonia smell in your urine, then start drinking ample amount of water to escape this problem. Plus, try to avoid causes of dehydration like over-sweating and heat.

Maintain hygiene – Always staying clean keeps you away from any health issue. Genital hygiene should be incorporated into your day-to-day routine apart from bathing and other cleanliness routines. Always clean the genital area after urination by wiping or rinsing it with water as it keeps the bacteria away which might cause ammonia smell in urine.

Check the diet – Remove those foods from your diet which are causing smelly urine. Reductions of those vitamins and medications causing this problem will cut down the risk of getting the foul odor.

Frequency in urination – Pass the urine whenever you feel the urge. Do not restrict your bladder from emptying once you feel the pressure. Holding urine for a longer time might cause infections in the urinary tract and in a way, will cause a bad ammonia smell.

In short, if you know the reasons behind the urine smell and you know how to combat this issue; you can easily get rid of it. Now, if you face such a problem, don’t get nervous and follow the steps mentioned above.