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Keloid – Never Take Any Scar Heedlessly

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6 November, 2018

Quick Facts about Keloid

  • Fibrous tissue around the scar is known as Keloid.
  • Burns, cuts, injuries etc. are few of the causes of this disease.
  • Symptoms of this disease are pink or red color bumps, itching, pain in the skin.
  • Few natural remedies can ease out the symptoms of this disease.


The appearance of your skin is the main deciding factor of our looks. No one likes bumps or any kind of unusual occurrence on our skin. But, if you’re affected by Keloids, then you can see the abnormal skin condition anywhere in your body. In this article, we will discuss this disease and give you an entire detail about it.

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What is Keloid?

When our skin gets injured, one fibrous tissue which is called scar tissue is formed to protect the skin from this injury. Sometimes growth of the scar tissues becomes excessive and they are known as the Keloids. It is a non-cancerous or a benign tumor formed on the skin.

Facts & Figures of Keloid

People within the age range of 10 to 30 are more prone to this disease. Moreover, men and women are both likely to get this disease. It comes in different shape, size, and color. Due to its appearance, especially in the hand, face, or neck area, it becomes difficult for the sufferer to bear it.

Causes of Keloid

This disease is caused by the skin injury irrespective of the size of the cut.

  • burns
  • insect bites
  • punctures or cuts, even from shaving
  • tattoos
  • piercing
  • slit from surgery
  • different diseases or chickenpox causing scar as the after effect
  • skin diseases such as acne

Symptoms of Keloid

Different characteristics are found in this disease.

  • It appears and grows slowly
  • It causes tenderness, itching or pain
  • It looks and feels different from the surrounding skin
  • It looks like pink, purple, or red scar

Who Are at Higher Risk of Keloid?

People with dark skin are more prone to this disease. For example, people from Southern India or West Africa get affected by this disease more than other parts of the world.

Complications Related to Keloid

In rare cases, it may lead to cancer.

How to Prevent Keloid?

By taking a few preventive measures, this disease can be avoided.

What to Do What to Avoid
Use a silicone sheet over the cut or burn so that it cannot lead to this disease. Do not go for a cosmetic surgery which is not required.
Use silicone dioxide over the skin injury. Do not forget to consult your doctor before taking steroid injections.

How to Identify the Keloid

It is usually identified by checking its symptoms.

Natural Treatment for Goiter

Several natural remedies are more effective to treat this disease.

Home Remedy

Keloid treatment at home is more beneficial to heal this disease.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Since ACV works as the great exfoliant and astringent, it works well to heal the redness and decreases the size of the scar caused due to this disease.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Since Aloe Vera gel has the antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it helps to heal keloid’s in the initial stage. Also, it helps to reduce the pain and inflammation of the skin. Aloe Vera has a great wound healing property.

Diet Tips

By balancing your diet, you can easily get rid of this disease.

Foods to Eat Foods to Avoid
Tomato Sugar
Beet Processed foods
Beans Alcohol
Orange Caffeine
Lifestyle Tips

Several lifestyle hacks can act as the keloid’s treatment.

  • Avoid tattoo and piercing.
  • Even if you’re tattooing or piercing, you should take care of the scar.
  • Protect your injury or cut with the help of a silicone sheet.
  • Do not neglect your scar even if it is not severe.
Suggested Exercise/ Yoga

A few beneficial yoga poses helping to heal thyroid problem are also a healthy option for treating this disease.

There is no such exercise or yoga recommended to get rid of this disease.
In short, if you’re affected by any small or big injury, it is advisable not to neglect it. With the proper prevention, you can always stay away from keloid’s scar.