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When the Beauty of a Nose Piercing comes with the Ugly Piercing Bump

nose piercing bump
27 November, 2018

One or two – nose rings are the fun ornament for girls. Few girls are just obsessed with their nose piercing and end up getting more than one piercing on their nose. But, we also know that nose piercing comes with the nuisance called ‘bump’. Let’s see in this article, what are the causes of nose piercing bump and the natural remedy for that?

What is Nose Piercing Bump?

Different types of bumps are seen around the nose area. It might take a few months to get healed. During this time, you will find some discomfort around the pierced area, and it can manifest as the redness, swelling, pus, or sometimes blood clot.

It is nothing but the pus-filled bump around the pierced area.
It is nothing but the visible scar around your nose area. It is not a normal scar; rather, it is quite a thick lump around the piercing.
It takes place due to the overgrown tissues around the pierced area.

Causes of Nose Piercing Bump

Many things can cause this kind of bump on your nose. That raised area around the nose can get healed naturally or you might need special care.

Damage of the tissue: when piercing is removed too soon
Allergy: sometimes, we get allergic to the certain metal of the jewelry
Infection: when piercing is done unhygienically, there are chances that you can get an infection.

Natural Ways to Heal Nose Piercing Bump

Find certain easy and simple ways so that they can escape such a problem without much hassle.

After Care
After piercing the nose, it becomes mandatory to take care of it properly. A few aftercare tips involve:

  • Clean the pierced area with the help of a saline water two times a day
  • Avoid using lotion, hair care products or cosmetics around the area
  • Do not remove the jewelry before the bump is healed properly
  • Should cover the pierced area with the waterproof dressing when taking a shower or swimming so that you can prevent it from the bacteria
  • Avoid playing with the jewelry

Wear hypoallergenic jewelry
People are allergic to various metals such as nickel or an alloy, which is the mixture of the element. A reputable piercer will use such a jewelry, which is appropriate for us such as titanium or surgical steel.

Use a warm compress
A warm compress can easily remove the pus trapped under the skin. But, one should not force the bump to drain, which can lead to further itchiness or irritation.

A Piece of Advice

Do not decorate your nose with an extra bump. Let only one piece of jewelry beautify your nose. Now, you know the reasons behind those ugly bumps and know how to take care of them. Then, what are you waiting for?