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About Atiya Herbs

About Atiya Herbs

Founded by Hakim Suleman Khan (Toor), Atiya Herbs has carved a special status in the field of herbal medicine. With its mission statement of providing the best and cost-effective health care across the globe, Atiya Herbs is incessantly working towards maintaining and further enhancing the highest levels of excellence it has achieved by virtue of its continuous, dedicated service to humanity.
Standing true to its name, Atiya, which in Arabic means ‘Gift’, or ‘Present’, has indeed given the gift of health and happiness to numerous patients who had lost all hopes. Of course, with the benevolent and unlimited blessings of the Almighty!

About us - Atiya herbs
Under the expert and proficient supervision of Hakim Suleman, Atiya Herbs has reached the pinnacle of brilliance.The overwhelming and encouraging feedback from scores of patients who have benefitted from Atiya Herbs is a testimony of the company’s endeavour to always deliver nothing but the best.
It would not be an overstatement to say that today Atiya Herbs has reached a position which was once considered to be a mirage. Leading Unani Medicine Company:
Atiya Herbs takes pride in being counted among the most prestigious, successful, and trustworthy entities related to the field of natural medicine.Atiya Herbs has always strived for excellence and a holistic approach. It treats every individual case as special and makes sure that the recovery process is smooth and everlasting. It has perfectly blended the traditional Unani medicine system with the latest state-of-the-art technology, thereby churning out even better and more potent formulae that are unmatched.
Atiya Herbs is famous globally for manufacturing the best Unani Medicines that are developed by Hakim Suleman himself. It is at the forefront in the field of Research and Development of modern Unani medicines. Atiya Herbs has changed the lives of millions of people with selfless dedication to the service of humanity.Atiya Herbs has the best-known hakims (herbal physicians) on board who are extremely competent and highly-proficient. Starting with a few, today it boasts of having successfully launched more than 500 world class health care products.Atiya Herbs is running a chain of highly sophisticated clinics that cater to patients from varied backgrounds. It has a proven track record in treating numerous patients suffering from different and most difficult diseases and disorders.
Based on rigorous research, study, experience, and intellect, Atiya Herbs has proved to be a boon to humanity over the years owing to its effective medicines and proficient herbal physicians.
Aim and Motto:
The aim of Atiya Herbs is to spread awareness about the numerous benefits offered by the Unani system of medicine while its motto is to bring natural healing and gifts of nature within the reach of the common man cutting across all barriers.
About the Founder:
Atiya Herbs was founded by Hakim Suleman Khan (Toor) who is one of India’s leading healthcare celebrities. Hakim Suleman enjoys a massive following on Facebook and other Social Media platforms.
Hakim Suleman is a licensed herbalist and naturopath and an award-winning globally acclaimed practitioner of herbal medicine. He has not only revived but also revolutionized the long-ignored field of herbal medicine in the Indian subcontinent.
A well-published author and dedicated researcher he has made it his life’s mission to provide fast everlasting relief, better symptom control, and elimination of ailments right from the root.
Television Shows and Discussions:
Hakim Suleman is a well-known face on Television too. He is a regular participant on various TV shows and discussions related to Unani, herbal, and natural medicine. The two most notable programmes are Sehat aur Zindagi and Sehat aur Hikmat among others.
His viewers are spread across the continents and the programmes featuring him are consistently Top Ranked in terms of Television Rating Points (TRPs).
Chain of Unani Clinics:
Atiya Herbs is successfully running a chain of well-equipped Unani clinics in major cities across India. The clinics adopt a modern approach while maintaining the sanctity of the conventional mode of diagnosis and treatment.
Focus on Quality:
Atiya Herbs has ‘zero-tolerance’ policy as far as quality is concerned. It ensures that only the best is provided to patients, whether it is tele-counselling or the most common medicines. The same holds true for consultation, diagnosis, treatment, subsequent follow-up and every single task that is undertaken. The herbs used in the preparation of medicines are to date handpicked and refined by Hakim Suleman himself. Every product undergoes most stringent tests for quality check. It is no surprise that more than 30 per cent of the purchased raw-material is rejected for want of the levels set and followed by Atiya Herbs.
Research and Development:
Atiya Herbs has a dedicated and highly skilled Research and Development team which comprises of medical professionals from different branches of medicine like Allopathy and Homoeopathy. The team is fully dedicated to discovering new and better medicines. Innovation through amalgamation is the hallmark of Atiya Herbs’ Research and Development team.
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