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14 November, 2018

7 Scientifically Proven Sure-shot Ways to Lose Weight within a Month

  When you start your weight loss journey, it never becomes an easy task. You start wondering how to do it and you end up experimenting with different weight loss plan. But, at the end of the day, you might…

12 November, 2018

Foods for Pregnant Woman – Know the List In Details

  The most sensitive time for any woman is when she comes to know about her would-be motherhood. One expecting mom remains elated knowing that her entire life is going to change with the glimpse of small feet and untimely…

6 November, 2018

Keloid – Never Take Any Scar Heedlessly

Quick Facts about Keloid Fibrous tissue around the scar is known as Keloid. Burns, cuts, injuries etc. are few of the causes of this disease. Symptoms of this disease are pink or red color bumps, itching, pain in the skin.…