Fina Diabetol Forte By Hakim Suleman Khan - Herbal Medicine For Diabetes

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Hakim Suleman’s Fina Diabetol Forte

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  • May contribute to diabetes control
  • Potentially stimulates insulin production
  • Pack of 60 tablets
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About Hakim Suleman’s Fina Diabetol Forte

Fina Diabetol Forte, a potent herbal product by Atiya Herbs, is designed to be effective for diabetic patients. The unique combination of extracts from key herbs is believed to naturally lower sugar levels in diabetic individuals. This medicine is commonly prescribed by doctors for those dealing with type 2 diabetes. It is purported to stimulate insulin production, lower blood sugar levels, and regulate insulin function.


Foenum-graecum (Methi) seeds control blood sugar levels. Galactomannan, present in fenugreek, decelerates the sugar absorption rate into blood.

Momordicacharantia, popularly known as Bitter gourd, constitutes an insulin-like compound called Polypeptide-p (p-insulin) which has the ability to control diabetes naturally.

Cinnamon (dalchini) is highly efficacious in diabetes as it reduces blood sugar levels and stimulates insulin.

Nirus (Ghrit Kumari) is popularly known as Aloe Vera. Its recommended intake causes blood sugar levels to fall in people sustaining Type 2 diabetes.


To be taken with lukewarm water as per doctor’s prescription.


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