R-Care By Hakim Suleman Khan - Treat Joints Pain Naturally

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Hakim Suleman’s R Care

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“R-care” by “Atiya Herbs” is crafted to offer support for joint well-being, addressing concerns related to pain, swelling, and uric acid imbalances. This herbal creation, attributed to Hon. Hakim Sulemaan at Atiya Herbs, has been recognized for its potential benefits across a range of health aspects.

  • Pack of 45 capsules
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About Hakim Suleman’s R Care

If you experience persistent joint pain and swelling, consider seeking relief with “R-care” by “Atiya Herbs.” This herbal solution may provide effective support in addressing issues associated with uric acid. It is believed to help alleviate severe joint pain, reduce swelling, and relieve the burning sensation on the skin. Embrace a life with reduced discomfort and find a potential solution for joint-related concerns.


One capsule twice a day or as directed by Hakim/Doctor.


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