R-Care By Hakim Suleman Khan - Treat Joints Pain Naturally

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Hakeem Suleman Khan’s R Care


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Relieve from pain of joints, swelling and Uric acid problem

“R-care” by “Atiya Herbs” Highly beneficial and effective

R Care is a Peerless creation of Hon. Hakeem Sulemaan Khan at Atiya herbs. Covering a huge stream of diseases this medicine gave unmatched results even for those who believed that they can’t live life again the way they used to.

  • Pack of 45 capsules
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About Hakeem Suleman Khan’s R Care

If you have a consistent problem of joint pain and swelling then get permanent relief with the help of “R-care” by “Atiya Herbs”. It is also effective in eradicating problems related to Uric acid. Severe joint pain, excessive swelling in joints, and burning sensation on the skin can get vanished with the help of this medicine. Live a pain-free life and get a proper solution for joint problems.


One capsule twice a day or as directed by Hakeem/Doctor.


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