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Hakim Suleman’s Sulemani Shilajit

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  • Provides a rich source of essential minerals and nutrients
  • Supports the immune system and overall immune health
  • Enhances physical performance and workout recovery
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Strengthens joints, muscles and bones
  • Improves heart health
  • Reduces stress level by improving mental health
  • Promotes hair growth and healthier skin
  • Bottle of 20 ml
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About Hakim Suleman’s Sulemani Shilajit

Sulemani Shilajit is one of those products that has been prepared by Hon. Hakim Suleman after receiving much demand from his patients. Benefits of Shilajit are no hidden secret. People have been using Shilajit and various Shilajit products since ages. However, most of these products are made with either impure Shilajit or does not contain Shilajit at all and only claim it. Hakim Suleman has brought to you the purest form of Shilajit, so that you can gain all the possible benefits of it.

The process of making this Sulemani Shilajit involves no other chemical, preservative or artificial sweetener/flavor/fragrance. In fact, if you bring home a stone of Shilajit and prepare Shilajit syrup out of it, you will receive the same product as packed in this bottle. So, wait no more and grab your bottle today.


Shilajit is known to promote male well-being and contribute to overall health. It boosts stamina and energy levels in both men and women. Regular consumption of Shilajit supports physical strength and helps strengthen joints, muscles, and bones. In addition, Shilajit has positive effects on mental health, as well as skin and hair health.

Directions to Use:

Dissolve a pea-sized amount of Sulemani Shilajit in a glass of lukewarm water or milk and drink twice a day or as prescribed by the doctor.


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