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Hakim Suleman’s F Care

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In the past, having excess body fat was perceived as a sign of good health. However, contemporary perspectives, regardless of gender, discourage excessive fat due to its association with various health issues. The capsules manufactured by Atiya Herbs are suggested by some to aid in burning excess fat and managing obesity, acknowledging the potential health risks associated with excessive body fat.

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About Hakim Suleman’s F Care

In the present era, the perception of good health has shifted, and excessive body fat is no longer considered favorable for both men and women. Beyond aesthetic concerns, the accumulation of excess fat is now recognized for its association with various diseases. Atiya Herbs’ capsules are suggested by some to aid in burning excess fat, controlling obesity, and purifying the blood. Additionally, it is believed to contribute to balancing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, serving as an effective remedy for weight loss. If excess body fat is impacting your quality of life, regular use of this medicine is recommended for potential positive results.


One capsule twice a day or as directed by the Hakim/Doctor.

Directions to use

As directed by the medical practitioner.


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