5 Amazing Benefits of Coriander Powder Revealed

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Did You Know these Miraculous Benefits of Coriander Powder

Health Benefits of Coriander Powder
3 October, 2019

Health benefits of Indian spices like turmeric, cinnamon, clove and black pepper are quite popular. But did you know that the purpose of coriander powder, that is sitting quietly in your kitchen, is not just to add flavor to the food. So, brace yourself because the health benefits of coriander powder that we are about to reveal today will leave you in complete astonishment.

1. Good for the Digestive System

Coriander powder is very beneficial for the digestive system. It has anti-flatulent, carminative and digestive properties. Rich in dietary fiber, it also relieves constipation and diarrhea by easing the bowel muscles. Its relaxing effect on digestion provides relief in the condition of bloated stomach too.

2. Maintains a Healthy Heart

One of the health promoting characteristics of coriander powder is its anti-inflammatory effect. It lowers the blood cholesterol levels and boosts heart health. It also reduces blood pressure and is good for those suffering from hypertension. Flavonoid antioxidants present in the powder are also very beneficial to us.

3. Detoxifies Kidneys & Clears up Urinary Tract

This powder detoxifies liver and kidneys naturally and relieves water retention by making you urinate more often. To clear up the urinary tract and speed up the healing process you may add 2 teaspoons of coriander powder in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Drink this miraculous drink in morning for maximum benefits.

4. Other Health Benefits of Coriander Powder

The powder also destroys harmful pathogens in food, thus, prevents food poisoning. It has been found that it helps in regulating the female menstruation cycle. It provides relief in pain, bloating and cramps that occur during a period by supporting the hormones. Studies have found that its regular use lowers the blood sugar level and muscular and joints pain too.

5. Culinary Use

Coriander powder has a characteristic flavor that is quite different from that of the coriander leaves. It adds great aroma and taste to food making it more delicious. The powder is widely used in the preparations of Indian, Pakistani, European and Chinese cuisines. Also, homemade curries, pickles, stews, sweets and chutneys are rarely made without coriander powder here.

A Piece of Advice

So now that you know how beneficial coriander powder is to our health, make sure to use an unadulterated version of it. Prefer buying whole coriander seeds and prepare the powder from them at home. You may also use coriander seeds for treating thyroid and other such problems. Also, these benefits are visible only after a regular use over a long period so don’t give up on the powder soon.

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