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Gulping Warm Water Every Day is a blessing for our Health

Warm Water
3 December, 2018

We cannot think even a day without a water. Thus, it is termed as the ‘life’ for a living being. Some people are just addicted to chilled water and they cannot think drinking water without adding a few cubes of ice in it. For this type of people, drinking warm water might be a bit challenge. But, do we know that drinking warm water every day is extremely beneficial for our overall well-being? As per modern and ancient medical science, the temperature of water plays a vital role.

Starting from Unani to Chinese medicine, every field of medical science unanimously have approved the benefits of warm water. Now, it is mandatory to know when, how much and why to take warm water. In this article, let us find those answers.

When to Consume Warm Water

Timing is the key to get the utmost benefit of the warm water. In different Ayurvedic resort, people have started serving warm water alongside dinner. Because as per Ayurveda, consumption of warm water during dinner time is good for our health.

People in Japan and China take their meal with a cup of warm tea. In a way, they take their food with a warm liquid. It is not any masala tea; you can only add green tea leaf or some other tea leaf.

In Japan, people are following ‘water cure’ since ages. And, it has helped them enormously and we can evident it from their skin and overall health. This method suggests that we should drink at least 4 glasses of water immediately after waking up in the morning.

How Much Warm Water to Consume?

Depending upon the age, weather, activity level and so on, our intake of water will fluctuate. When you’re consuming it with a meal, one cup of water is allowed. If you’re taking yogurt or soup in your meal, then consumption should be less.

As per the Japanese Water Therapy, take at least 4 glasses of water on an empty stomach in the morning. If you have a problem taking 4 glasses initially; then start with at least one glass. Gradually, start increasing the intake of warm water.

Why to Consume Warm Water?

Taking hot water daily certainly ensures several health benefits.

Clears Out bowel

It is helpful in clearing out bowel and constipation. In a way, it helps to avoid bloating, abdominal discomfort and pain.

Incites Hunger

When we gulp a glass of water, our body works hard to decrease the temperature. In a way, the metabolism goes up and our body starts craving for food.

Purifies Skin

Since body temperature goes up due to which toxins of our body get removed. This detoxification purifies the skin and opens the pores.

Helps in Digestion

Warm water plays a pivotal role in digestion because it helps to break down the food substances.

Removes Congestion

It is always advisable to take warm water to clear phlegm accumulation. In a way, it clears out the aching throat and treats congestion.

Stops Untimely Aging

Since this water removes the toxins from the body through the bowel, open pores and sweat; it helps to prevent premature aging caused due to the accumulation of toxic substances in our body.

Soothes Menstrual Pain

Warm water eases out the severe abdominal cramp caused due to the menstrual pain. As per the study, warm water incites the blood circulation, which in a way soothes the menstrual pain.

Checks Bodyweight

Last but never the least, sipping a glass of lemon and honey mixed warm water first thing in the morning aids in weight loss. Hot water breaks down fat deposits in our body and in a way, it reduces the body weight.

A Piece of Advice

Time of absorption of any kind of water is not the same. As per Ayurveda, boiled water takes less time in comparison to normal water. Taking boiled fresh water surely gives a better result.